Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fall TV season features show set in Modesto

If you don't follow TV news, you may not know that this week is when all the networks announce their Fall programming, and launch trailers for each one.

On the ABC schedule, there's a new show coming out called "American Crime." What caught my eye, aside from the fact that the trailer makes it seem more like a movie than a TV series, is that it's set in Modesto. The trailer even shows a fictional "San Joaquin Airlines"

The show is going to play heavily on race relations, especially in the context of illegal immigrants. That's certainly a subject that fits into the valley story. I also assume there's going to be some heavy rural play going on.

Sadly, the pilot was filmed in Austin, Texas, so it will be interesting to see if they manage to preserve the central valley feel. No word if future episodes will be filmed in the area.

The trailer can be seen here:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mcdonald's to "enhance" a busy intersection?

The Fresno Bee this weekend provided an update on the endless pursuit to build yet another McDonald's in Clovis.

Map showing new McDonald', in context with three other nearby McDonald's franchises. (yes, A and C are two different locations).

It was over a year ago that I posted about the initial application, and how terrible the design was for a busy intersection.

Aside from being surrounded on all sides by cars, the new store will front Clovis with quite a beautiful facade.

The delay in construction was caused by a private dispute among the tenants of the shopping center, and contracts related to chicken sales. The city had no issues with the design.

According to the Bee, the city could not wait for the dispute to end so that the new building could go up.
City officials said they would not bend rules on the lot size, but they also were eager to enhance a busy intersection with new construction and landscaping on now-vacant dirt.

Read more here:
While I'm no fan of dirt lots, I think my definition of "enhance" exists on another dimension to that of the city's.

It's a shame that the Clovis Way of Life continues to mean ugly strip development at every corner.

You'd think they'd learn from the mistakes Fresno made, but alas....